Project Status For: ARC, Lync: ARC All 2014 Locations

Project Description

Location Date Comments
Counseling December
Library Jan15th
CDC Jan 29th
PE Feb 5th 1.5 has P48 & no phones –swap   w/Davies Hall
Howard Hall Feb 12th Shelf
Science Feb 19th
Tech Voc March 5th
Horticulture March
Student Services April 9th
Davies Hall May 7th
Allied Health June 4th
Fine Arts June 18th
Liberal Arts July 9th
LRC August 6th
Journalism August 13th
Boiler Room August 20th
Portables September 3rd
Raef September 10th
Receiving September 17th

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 12-01-2013
  • Predicted End: 09-17-2014

Current Tasks

Initial Discussions about planning Switch order development

Current Holds

Switch plan development and ordering

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20%

40% 40%

60% 60%

80% 80%