Project Status For: DO, FM/IT New Construction: Tribute Road

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to design and deliver functioning IT services to the Tribute Road project.   The FM Project Milestones are as follows:

  • Working drawings            Nov 2013 complete
  • Approvals                            April 2014 complete
  • Construction Start           July 2014
  • Move-in start                    Sept 2015
  • Move-in completion       Nov 2015

Building and Services to be provided:

  • Building
    • Support meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms
    • Support 32 office phone, plus other stand-alone phones
    • Library
    • Attendees work space
    • Elevator
    • Alarms
    • Security
  • Services
    • Video conferencing
    • Wireless for both floors
    • Allow attendee kiosk? payment
    • Two computer labs


Project Timing

  • Start Date: 09-01-2012
  • Predicted End: 11-30-2015

Current Tasks

Task Resource
Phones John Parker
PCs for workstations Dan Throckmorton
PCs for labs Dan Throckmorton
Printers for workstations – Dan Throckmorton
Printers for labs – Chris Kunkel & James   Rafael Dan Throckmorton
Analog lines John Parker
MAN Mark Williams, Mike Muzinich
Building network equipment Tim Smith
Projectors Dan Throckmorton
Wireless Mark Williams

Current Holds

Issue Resource Need Resolved By
  • How fiber will be   terminated prior to construction
Mick Holsclaw Resolved 7/24/13
  • Jack placement &   quantity, TC layouts
Joe Meyer Schematic Design
  • Connectivity between TCs   (requested 4" conduit)
Joe Meyer Bid-1M
  • Code Blue Phones
Cheryl Sears 7/26/13 (DD+1M)
  • Furniture layouts; any   modular furniture
Joe Meyer 11/1/2013 CDs
  • Phones - we know phone   counts but not details
John Parker 5/1/2015
  • Requirements for Voice Conferencing units
John Parker 5/1/2015
  • Room numbers
Joe Meyer Schematic Design
  • IT requirements for video   conferencing
A/V Design Team 11/1/2013 CDs
Security camera IT   requirements A/V Design Team 11/1/2013 CDs
Foyer screen IT   requirements, if any A/V Design Team 11/1/2013 CDs
Decisions about   transitioning voice network access John Parker 11/1/2013 CDs
Elevator and alarms lines   working and documented John Parker 4/1/2015

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Preliminary Phase

Group II estimates complete.

40% 40% Work In Progress

Task Resource
Complete physical installation of fiber         9/2013
Fiber on property 7/2013
First Group II estimate with quotes                8/2013
Drawings with outlets                                           3/2013 approx.
Construction cabling quote to bid    (open)
Group II next estimate                                          11/2013
Group II final estimate                                          4/2015 (halfway through   construction)
Order equipment                                    4/2015 (2 months before commissioning)
Order analog lines                                  5/2015 (4 months before construction completion)
Analog lines installed, tested                            6/2015 (as needed)
BestNet live                                                               need a secure, air-conditioned room
Firewall/network   operational need   a secure, air-conditioned room
Network tested                                                        need a secure, air-conditioned room
Commissioning                                                        need a secure, air-conditioned room
Alarms installed, tested                                       need a secure, air-conditioned room
Elevator line installed, tested                           need a secure, air-conditioned room
Lync tested                                                 8/2015
MILESTONE – building handed over to mail campus
Staff Move-in start                                 9/2015
PCs are installed                                      8/2015
As-builts from cabling contractor     9/2015
Patch cords from cabling contractor                9/2015
Staff move-in complete                                       11/2015

60% 60%

80% 80% Completed Tasks

Project Knowns:

    • Floor plan
IT Requirements
    • Where Comcast is currently located on our property, and where conduit stubs up today
    • TC locations, size
    • Roughly six switches each floor
    • Wireless requirements by floor
    • Security camera counts
    • Analog line requirements, except Code Blue phones
Service Requirements
  • User requirements by room, by function - approved by Ethan Way staff
  • Locations where PCI will be needed