Project Status For: LRCCD, New Service: Security Cameras – Standardize

Project Description

This project will define District Office’s security camera standard as well as implement that new standard.

With this new standard we will have a streamlined process for costing and ordering camera equipment with enough information for upper management to understand the process.

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 12-11-2013
  • Predicted End: 04-01-2014

Current Tasks

Documenting current and future standards

Current Holds

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Standards Documented

  • Current equipment standard
  • Post 4/2014 standard – No more XP.  EDC.
  • Future systems – Perfect world

40% 40% Current systems meet current documented standard

Specifically the 30 days of retention is met

60% 60% All live systems meet post 4/2014 standard

All live systems (and systems in the pipe) meet post 4/2014 standard, especially the no XP.

80% 80% First new/future standard system deployed

Full project is complete when all systems meet the new "perfect world" standard.