Auto Attendant Greeting Management [Lync]

1. Dial the number of the Auto Attendant (your department number)

2. Navigate to the attendant tree by using your keypad to the one you want to change, when you hear the recording, press # and then *

3. Enter the Admin ext and PIN that was provided to you for the management of the auto attendant.

4. Press 1 for the business hours prompt.

5. To make changes to the Welcome Greeting Press 1, for the Main menu Prompt press 2.

Note: The Welcome Greeting is the first greeting callers hear when they call the AA which is followed by the Main Menu prompt. The Main Menu prompt should list the users or options assigned to this attendant, i.e. “For John Doe, press 1. For Directions, press 2”.

6. To re-record over the existing greeting(s) press 2. Record your own Welcome Greeting and Main Menu prompts and press # when finished. The newly recorded prompt will be played back and you will be prompted to press 1 to accept or 2 to re-record.