Please take a few minutes to review these guides on some of the most common procedures. If you’re not familiar with Unified Messaging or Microsoft Lync, the training videos cover everything you need to familiarize yourself with the system.

Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business

Microsoft Unified Messaging (Voicemail)

Los Rios Fax Server

Skype for Business FAQs

  • How do I make/receive calls using my work phone number?
    • From your District/College computer: Navigate to the Start menu and look for the Skype for Business icon or folder. Note: If you do not see it, use the link here to install the software:
    • On the Sign-in window, the sign-in address is your
    • If you are prompted for the Username, use the following format LRCCD\W-ID
    • The password is your standard district password.
    • From your personal computer: Use the links below to install the software and login
    • Windows –
    • Apple Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Mobile Devices
    • Note: If you are using VPN/Remote Desktop, use the Skype for Business application directly from your current workstation (and not the VPN window) to prevent audio/microphone issues.
  • How do I make/receive calls from my cell phone using my work phone number?