Getting started with Teams phones

Get started with Teams phones

The new phone for Microsoft Teams is the Poly CCX350 or CCX505 phone at Los Rios. If you are using one of these phones, the guide below will help you get started.

Note: depending on the phone model, the screen will look slightly different

Sign in to your Microsoft Teams phone for up-to-date info on your calls and meetings, and quick collaboration options. Once you are signed in, on the home screen you’ll see upcoming meetings, missed calls, voicemail, and more. With a single click, join a meeting, listen to voicemail, or return a call.

How to Sign-in to your Microsoft Teams phone

  1. If you are prompted to select the phone mode, select the Teams profile.
  2. Open a web browser on your PC and navigate to
  3. Input the 9-digit code that’s displayed on the phone and select Next in the web browser.
  4. Sign-in using your Los Rios credentials and follow the prompts.
home screen

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Manage your calls

Participate in meetings

Add contacts and groups

Delegate your calls

Act as a delegate

Manage your calls

Select Calls to access your Favorites. These may include speed dial contacts, your delegates, or people you support brought over from the Teams desktop.

Favorites screen

Select Recent for your call history and make calls with a single click.

Recent tab

Want to add the caller as a speed dial contact? Select the caller and then the star. To remove a caller, simply select the star again to cancel the selection.

Add Favorite from Recent screen

You can also start a video or phone call here, or go to the caller’s contact card to view more details before contacting them.

On phones with a horizontal display, the dial pad is always available. If your phone display is vertical, select  New call icon  to access the dial pad.

New call button on vertical display

Participate in meetings

Join a meeting from your calendar or a notification with a single click. Once inside, you’ll be able to:

  • Send and receive video, and turn off incoming video to reduce required bandwidth, if your hardware offers video capabilities.
  • Start recording the meeting.
  • Raise your virtual hand to indicate you want to contribute.
  • Turn live captions on and off.

Select More options More options button  to access the menu.

Location of More options icon during meeting

For more information, see Meetings and calls.

Add contacts and groups

Go to the People screen to view and connect with all your contacts, and to organize them into groups so that they’re easier to find.

People screen

Select  plus sign icon  to add a contact to the current group (above, the current group is All Contacts), or to create a new group.

To switch the view from All Contacts to a different group, select  More button  next to People and select the group.

Call groups menu

Delegate your calls

You can select someone in Teams to be your delegate, permitted to receive and make calls on your behalf.

  1. On the Calls screen, select  More button and then Settings > Manage delegates.
  2. Select the person and then set their permissions.Add Favorite from Recent screen

To set additional options such as call forwarding, go to Settings > Calling. For more information, see Share a phone line with a delegate.

Act as a delegate

Once you’ve been added as a delegate, you can make and receive calls on someone else’s behalf.

Call on behalf of options

You can also monitor the the other person’s phone activity and take over calls that are on hold. For more information, see Share a phone line with a delegate.