Deploy Lync Client using Group Policy

The locations stated in in this document are fully accessible with read access by any LRCCD account (computer or user).  Feel free to copy these files to a location that will be accessible by your computer accounts and modify the instruction based on the locations of the files for your domain.

  1. Create and configure a new Group Policy Object (GPO)
    1. Setup a Startup script in the computer configuration section and point it to \\lrccd-lync01\Share\Client\lync-install.bat [1]
    2. Link that script to whichever computers need the Lync client
    3. Wait for the local PCs to reboot [2].

[1] If your computers are not on the LRCCD domain, you will need to copy this script to an area that your PCs have access to.  You will also have to copy the programs this script calls to a similar area.  Finally, you will have to modify this script to call the installers at the new location.

[2] You could remote schedule a reboot with PowerShell

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