Fax Server – Getting Started

The following guide will assist you in getting started with the Los Rios fax server.

The first step is to submit your fax request via the ServiceNow ticket system in order for the fax number to be converted and configured for used on the Los Rios Fax Server. Once you have been configured for the requested fax, you will receive a welcome email to get you started.

Now that you’ve submitted the fax information and received the welcome email, you’re ready to get started!

The Los Rios fax server allows you to send and receive fax transmissions all through your Los Rios email. Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. To send a fax, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open a New E-mail window as you normally do to compose an email.
  2. In the To… field, enter the recipient’s fax number in the following format: 10-digit-number@fax.losrios.edu for example, 916-123-1234@fax.losrios.edu (the dashes in the number are optional and are not required).
  3. Enter a subject in the Subject field. This is not required but will make it easier to track your fax status when you receive a confirmation email of your fax transmission from the fax server.
  4. Add an attachment to the email of what you will be faxing. This is the actual fax transmission that will be sent to your recipient, don’t forget to include a fax cover page with your return fax number as the fax server does not transmit a return fax number on your behalf. The document must be in one of the following formats:
    1. PDF – Adobe Acrobat
    2. DOC/DOCX – Microsoft Word
    3. XLS – Microsoft Excel
  5. The body of your email will be ignored, so it does not matter if you have content there or not.
  6. Once you have verified all of the above information is accurate, press Send.

Once you’ve sent the email to the fax server, it’s queued for fax transmission. Depending on the size of your fax attachment (number of pages) it may take longer to transmit your fax. Most fax transmissions take approximately 30 seconds per page. You will get a fax transmission report email from the Los Rios Fax Server outlining the result of the outbound fax. A successful transmission will have a subject line of Fax Successfully Sent to # and the following content in the email body which are mostly self explanatory:

Pages Received    : 5
Time Received    : Wednesday, February 25, 2015 1:57:28 PM Pacific Standard Time
Duration    : 72
Remote CSID    : 9165683195
DID    : 3151

In the event that the fax transmission has failed, the above report will be slightly different. The result section will outline the detailed reason of the transmission failure. The first step is to verify the recipient’s fax number. The majority of transmission issues are on the client’s far end, such as a busy or malfunctioning fax machine. The Los Rios fax server will automatically retry your outgoing transmission several times at predefine intervals. In the event of the recipient’s fax machine returning a busy tone, the Los Rios fax server will retry the first transmission in one minute, second in 2 minutes, third in 5 more minutes and a final retry wait time of 10 minutes. Should all attempts fail, you will receive a failed transmission report email in approximately 20 minutes.

Incoming faxes will be sent to your Inbox with a PDF attachment similar to a regular email message.

Department Fax & Shared Fax

Shared fax numbers or department faxes (you know who you are); your incoming faxes will go into a shared folder that’s located below your regular Inbox folder in Outlook with the name “FAX-XXXX” with your 4-digit fax number respectively.


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