How to Set Your Greeting

Before using your new UM account, please take a few minutes to configure and enable your voicemail.

The first step is to record a personal greeting and name announcement. The system will playback your name in your own recorded voice when callers reach your voicemail box followed by your personal greeting.

1. To do this, dial:

3102 or 916-568-3102 – Microsoft Skype for Business

And enter your 4-digit extension followed by your PIN that you received in the welcome email. If you are calling for a number that is assigned to an alternate phone (not your own) press * (star) when you hear the recording and enter the extension that you want to record the greeting for. i.e. you are calling from extension 1234 but need to access the voicemail settings for ext 1222.

2. You will hear the first time setup guide and be prompted to record your name and greeting. Please follow the voice prompts to complete this step.

Your account is now setup!