Lync – First Level Troubleshooting

The following guide is intended to aid you in the prerequisite Lync troubleshooting steps prior to escalating it to the Help Desk.

Lync Phone (Polycom CX600)

  • The phone does not power on.
    • POE needs to be enabled (at least), please contact the Help Desk and a ticket will be opened for DO-IT.
  • The phone can’t sign in, I get an error message saying that it can’t contact a server.
    • In order for the phone to work, please verify that it’s in the correct network. Select Menu > System Information. Verify that the IP address is in the 172.x.x.x range. Please contact the Help Desk and provide the findings above.
  • I’m re-provisioning a phone and it’s stuck in a “Signing out…” mode.
    • A reboot of the phone will resolve the issue. Reboot the phone by unplugging the LAN cable on the back of the phone and plug it back in. Proceed to provision the phone as necessary.
  • The previously configured phone is now asking to be provisioned again.
    • Typically this happens when a user signs them-self out of the phone. This happens (usually on accident) if they select the “orange triangle” icon on their phone and select Yes, to sign out. The phone will display this triangle sign when a user changes their AD password and does not enter their credentials when prompted by the Lync client (more on this in the Lync Software client section below). A phone should be provisioned via the “USB tethered” option whenever possible. If a user is not available to input their credentials, you can provision the phone via the 5-digit phone provisioning PIN.
  • I need to assist a user in provisioning their phone (not a common area or dept phone) but they do not have (or want) a USB cable and we do not know the 5-digit phone provisioning PIN.
    • A user can reset their 5-digit phone provisioning PIN by opening their Lync client and navigating to Tools > Dial-in Conferencing Settings. The user is navigated to If prompted, have the user sign in using their AD credentials. Select the “Reset your PIN” link and have the user set a 5-digit PIN. This PIN can be used immediately to provision the phone.
  • The phone appears to be configured correctly but none of the above apply.
    • A reboot of the phone may resolve the issue, otherwise contact the Help Desk.

Lync Software Client

  • I get an error message “Cannot sign into Lync”.
    • Verify that the user’s sign-in address is in the following format:
  • Why is the Lync client prompting me with “Login information needed” message when I’m already signed in?
    • If you have recently changed your AD password and have a Lync phone connected to your computer via USB, the stored credentials need to be updated on the phone.
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