Lync Generic Response Group Agents

The Lync response group application lets you take advantage of the built in queuing system in high call volume environments. This guide is designed for assisting generic Lync users in signing in to the Lync software client and effectively be part of the department queue system.

1. Log in to the workstation with your W-ID as you normally do.
2. Open the Microsoft Lync software client on your workstation.
3. Login with your Lync phone’s credentials. The username is usually displayed on the phone’s screen. I.E. if you are at ARC, you should see something like ARC-1234, this is your username. The password will be supplied by your supervisor.

Input the information into the Lync client as you see in this example:

Address:
Username: LRCCD\ARC-1234
Password: (given by supervisor)