Network Config to Support the Skype Phones

When the Skype compatible VoIP phones are connected to the network, they rely on a few DHCP options to hop into our voice network.

Manually set the following options in your VOIP Scope:

  • DHCP Option 044 WINS/NBNS to a blank value
  • DHCP Option 015 value to
  • DHCP Option 042 IP Address value to
  • DHCP Option 160 with the value of;ipp/tenant/LRCCD/
    • Note: You will need to create DHCP Option 160 via the Set Predefined Options context menu of the IPv4 Properties. The Data type should be set to String and Code is 160.

Run the following commands on your DHCP server which will affect your global DHCP scope.

Open your command prompt and input the following:

netsh <hit enter>

dhcp <hit enter>

Copy and paste the following:

server delete optionvalue 120
server delete optiondef 120
server delete class MSUCClient
server add optiondef 120 UCSipServer Binary 0 comment=”Sip Server Fqdn”
server set optionvalue 120 Binary 000A736B7970653135646972056C72636364026164076C6F7372696F730365647500
server add class MSUCClient “UC Vendor Class Id” “MS-UC-Client” 1
server add optiondef 1 UCIdentifier Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”UC Identifier”
server set optionvalue 1 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 4D532D55432D436C69656E74
server add optiondef 2 URLScheme Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”URL Scheme”
server set optionvalue 2 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 6874747073
server add optiondef 3 WebServerFqdn Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Web Server Fqdn”
server set optionvalue 3 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 736B79706531356469722E6C726363642E61642E6C6F7372696F732E656475
server add optiondef 4 WebServerPort Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Web Server Port”
server set optionvalue 4 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 343433
server add optiondef 5 CertProvRelPath Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Cert Prov Relative Path”
server set optionvalue 5 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 2F4365727450726F762F4365727450726F766973696F6E696E67536572766963652E737663