Retrieve Voicemail from off Campus

To retrieve or configure your voicemail:

  • If your mailbox/extension is 4-digits, dial:

3102 or 916-568-3102 – Microsoft Skype for Business

  • If your mailbox/extension is 5-digits, dial 3692 (from a district phone) or 916-286-3692 (off campus)
  1. Enter your mailbox/extension
  2. Enter your PIN followed by the # key.

To listen to your voicemail press 1 or say “voicemail”.

Options after listening to a voicemail

1         Replay
11    Previous Message
7      Delete
8      Reply
9      Mark as unread
#     Next Message
*     Exit
00   More Options

More on Voicemail

When you are in your voicemail, press 6 for user options:

1         Turn On Away Greeting
2         Record your Greetings
3         Change your PIN
6         Enable 24-hr format