Customize your meeting options

Exercise 4: Customize your meeting options

Now it’s your turn to try things out. Follow these steps to modify your meeting access, presenter and audio options. To get the best experience for this exercise, have your friends or colleagues test with you.

  1. Go to Calendar view in Outlook and select a time slot. (Requires Outlook 2010)
  2. Click New Online Meeting on the Outlook ribbon.

Outlook ribbon image

  1. Click Meeting Options on the Outlook ribbon.

Outlook ribbon image

  1. On the Access and Presenters tab, check Customize access and presenters for this meeting.
  2. Under Access, select People I invite from my company.
  3. Check People dialing in by phone bypass the lobby.
  4. Under Presenters, select Organizer only (you).
  5. Click the Audio and Phone tab, and then select USA, New York in the Location most people will dial in from.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Send your invitation.