Manage your Lync 2010 call using call controls

Exercise 5: Use call controls to manage your Lync call

Now it’s your turn to try things out. Practice using the Call Controls to manage a Lync 2010 call.

  1. If you have a mobile phone, call your work phone.
  2. In a Conversation window, during the Lync call, use the call controls to do any of the following:

To mute and unmute your microphone, click the Microphone button Button image.

To mute and unmute speakers, click the Speaker button, and then click Mute speakers Button image.

To display the dial pad, click the Display dial pad button Button image.

To switch devices, click the Change the audio devices for this call button Button image.

To put a call on hold, click the Hold button Button image.

To send your call to another phone or merge the call with another conversation, click the Transfer menu Button image.

To end a call, click the End Call button Button image.