Scheduling a meeting for a large audience

Exercise 2: Schedule a meeting for a large audience

Now it’s your turn to try things out. Follow these steps to create a meeting and customize the options for a larger audience. For this exercise, send an invitation to 3 or 4 people inside and outside your organization.

  1. Open Outlook and log on to Lync. (Requires Outlook 2010)
  2. Go to Calendar view in Outlook and select a time slot.
  3. Click New Online Meeting on the Outlook ribbon.

Outlook ribbon image

  1. Double-check the Start and End time.
  2. Type a short meeting agenda above the dotted line and add a couple of your colleagues in the To line.
  3. Click Meeting Options on the Outlook ribbon.

Outlook ribbon image

  1. Check Customize Access and Presenters for this meeting.
  2. In the Access section, select Everyone, including people outside my company.
  3. Also select People dialing in by phone bypass the lobby.
  4. In the Presenter section, select People I choose, and then click Manage Presenters.
  5. Move one of the invitees to the Presenter side. Click OK twice to go back to the invitation.
  6. Click Send.

Note: By selecting the option in step 8, everyone from inside and outside your organization will bypass the lobby. Only those who you selected as Presenters will have presenter access.